Teton Pasta

Serving fresh pasta to the greater Teton Valley area

Fresh Pasta for the Teton Valley area

Greg making pasta Teton Pasta ravioli in a bowl the Teton mountains in winter


Teton Pasta is a small independent fresh pasta business serving the Jackson Hole and Greater Teton valley area. We supply a few neighborhood caterers, restaurants and retailers. We use simple natural ingredients and offer 3-4 different types of pasta. Visit our upcoming Pasta page to find out more.


Teton Pasta founder Greg grew up east of The Pass, sometimes roaming as far as Vermont, before he settled here in the valley in 1992. Three years later, he had his first encounter with a bowl of fresh pasta:

“A good friend made some one night, and a deep impression was etched in my mind. How could 3 ingredients be so good?!¬†I borrowed that friend’s pasta maker a few times and eventually found one for my own kitchen at a garage sale; -a hand crank model from Italy for $15.

I started to have a new kind of party, a potluck where everyone brought their favorite sauce. Friendly competitions arose, and it was amazing having 8 or 10 sauces to sample with freshly made pasta. (A sauce potluck among friends makes a great get-together…)

After many dirty dishes and a plethora of wine glasses to round up, the parties eventually got smaller. But the fresh pasta never went away…

In 2012, a commercial pasta machine (Italian, of course) came up for sale here in the area. It was the right price, and I bit. Soon I began to acquire other commercial kitchen equipment to use with it. Things just grew from there. And that’s how Teton Pasta got started.”


Now the Teton Pasta company gives you the chance to try some locally made fresh pasta for yourself. Look for our pasta from Jackson to The Pass, and from Victor to Tetonia.

Teton Pasta moved into a commercial facility in 2013, and hope to continue our slow expansion onto area plates in the coming year. We are currently working on additional certifications and the like to better serve a wider area in both local states. There is a great deal of oversight with commercial food production, and that’s a good thing. We all want safe foods that taste great.

As we continue to grow, we will be able to supply more restaurants, caterers, private chefs, institutions and retail outlets. We’ll also be able to handle special orders. Teton Pasta thanks you for your support. Pass the pasta!