Teton Pasta

Serving fresh pasta to the greater Teton Valley area

Fresh Pasta for the Teton Valley area

Greg making pasta Teton Pasta ravioli in a bowl the Teton mountains in winter

Local Corner

Welcome to our new Local Corner page! We’re now accepting user submitted content so you can share your Teton Pasta recipes, pics and experiences with your neighbors. See the details below for the various types of content we’ll have here at Local Corner over the coming months. Submissions to the site can be made on our Contact page.

Event Pics

Got a great photo of you and your friends enjoying Teton Pasta? A dinner plate pic of your latest Teton Pasta creation? Images from a sauce potluck you and your buddies had? Send us your pics! We’ll be starting a bulletin board-style photo gallery to feature your Teton Pasta pic submissions and to cover local Teton Pasta events such as Greg’s day showing the local 4H group kids the steps that go into making fresh pasta.


Are you a foodie with a fantastic recipe you’d love to share with your neighbors? Or a pasta enthusiast sitting on a great sauce recipe? Perhaps you came up with a unique twist on the usual pasta meal and want to show off the results? Teton Pasta is accepting both meal and sauce recipes. Plus, we’ll be putting up some of our own favorites here as well.


If you come across a local newspaper, magazine or online review of our pasta, or simply want to send in your own review or suggestion, we’d love to hear about it.

The Teton Valley Area

The Teton mountains and valley area is one of the most spectacular places in the country to live and work ┬áin and/or visit. In this section, we’ll be building a slideshow feature to showcase some of the amazing local sights and vistas of the area; -both as a reminder to locals, and as an introduction for visitors and vacationers, to our fine surroundings. While our pasta and web staff have already built up a sizable collection to pick from for this section, if you have a particularly spectacular shot you’d like us to consider for inclusion, drop us a line.

General Guidelines

When you send us your recipe, pic or review, we will need your name and email to process your submission, but will not publish your email anywhere on the site or use your email for anything other than confirmation of receipt. Nor will we list out your full name onsite if you’d prefer us not to. You can be credited as “Wilson carpenter”, “Victor snowboarder mom”, “Ralph in Jackson”, anonymous, or whatever you’d like. That’s fine with us, and we’ll respect your privacy. Please respect ours as well, and don’t send us spam, inappropriate or non-Teton Pasta-related content. Thanks!